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aRent control, automatic renewal of contract

The law of Ecuador is moderately PRO-TENANT. The rights granted to the tenant by law cannot be waived.

Rents: Can tenants and property owners freely agree to rents in Ecuador? buy apartment qatar

The initial rent between the landlord and landlord can be agreed with only one restriction. The r…

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Rent: Can the landlord and tenant agree to rent freely in Estonia?

Notwithstanding the abolition by the Housing Act (1992) of national rent controls, the Act S 301 bans "excessive rents" defined as "unreasonable rent benefit from the renting of houses, except in case of a luxury house or apartment. buy house in qatar

In practice, however, homes rented by the re…

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Legislation on taxes on heritage in Costa Rica

Taxation and what inheritance laws apply to foreigners who leave property in Costa Rica: what are the limitations, and if making a property is desirable.


How high are legacy taxes in Costa Rica?

Heritage and gifts in Costa Rica are not specifically taxed. The free transfer o…

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Princess Mary's true story, 20 years later: from real estate to cherished royal!

A series of five ancient terraces may be found on the eastern outskirts of Sydney's Bondi Junction, on a peaceful, tree-lined street. Each front yard is framed by a turquoise picket fence, and a Bangalow palm stands overhead, steady in the breeze. iphone installment plan qatar

Porter Street was …

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Morgan Stanley predicts a long-term property boom in Dubai.

DUBAI: Bloomberg said, citing a Morgan Stanley analysis, that the rise in Dubai's residential property prices isn't going to slow down anytime soon.

“Over the next several years, strong demand, peaking supply growth, and extended lead times for new projects could result in a tighter-than-expected…

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When it comes to renovating a home, you'll need a lot of Italian jargon.

Here's a rundown of some of the phrases you'll need to know if you're planning an Italian renovation project.
It's no surprise that many people looking to buy a home in Italy are drawn to older, run-down properties with the possibility to renovate (ristrutturare) or restore (restaurare).

It's ea…

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House price increases were third highest in the world in the Czech Republic!

According to an inquiry by Knight Frank, house prices in the Czech Republic rose the third fastest year on year out of 56 countries worldwide.

Czech house prices increased 9.4 percent in 12 months from the second quarter of 2018 to the second quarter of 2019. China was first at 10.9 percent, foll…

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Rohanský ostrov in Prague includes a park on a new island!

For Rohanský ostrov, an area on the outskirts of the trendy Karlín district in Prague, several projects from various developers have been announced. There will be parks, apartment buildings and a new island in the new neighborhood. But so far. The extent of the combined plans from different public a…

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Real estate taxes in most of Prague after stagnating for a long time!

Most districts in Prague agreed to increase the property tax coefficient. According to Deputy Mayor Pavel Vyhnánek (Praha sobě), 53 out of 57 districts were in favor of changing the method of assessing the amount of tax. The four districts that did not plan an increase have not been identified

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The danger of using online tax assessments to valuate ITP and ISD taxes for your home

When a taxpayer acquires a home in Spain, he or she can use the website of the autonomous community's tax office to find out the value of the property to pay the ITP or the ISD tax (depending upon the location) and avoid excessive payment. However, this tool is not valid for all self-employed commun…

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